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Ahinsa Estate x Somage partnershipUpdated 2 years ago

Ahinsa is located in the bio-diverse region of Sri Lanka, bordering the Dellawa State Forest, in close proximity to the small town of Morowaka.

The Estate is managed by Professor Piya Abeywaganda, a visionary man whose work since the commencement of the Ahinsa/Somage partnership has lead to 100 green tea producers converting to organic farming practices.

In the six years since our collaboration began, Ahinsa has become one of the highest priced organic teas in Sri Lanka, and has been acknowledged as Sri Lanka's best organic tea estate. Somage tea now accounts for more than 50% if Ahinsa's tea sales. With guidances from Somage on tea production methods, evaluation and sales, Ahinsa's turn over and number of staff has more than doubled, and the quality has improved dramatically.

Somage has also implemented an ethical partnership project, providing financial assistance to successfully achieve the following:

  • Improved leaf quality at Ahinsa through the green leaf out-grower program and the formation and sponsorship of a green leaf tea quality competition;
  • Subsidisation of medical expenses for plantation workers;
  • Contribution to the education of workers' children via scholarship support and provision of schooling materials; and
  • Improved conditions at the tea factory.

Somage makes quarterly donations to the following:

  1. School & Educational Resources/Scholarships Somage is committed to making a better world through ethical trade of sustainable, best-in-class products. We recognise the critical importance of education in raising the well-being and standard of living for tea estate workers and their children. As a result, Somage provides scholarships and financial contributions for the purchase of schooling materials and internet access.
  2. Medical Support Somage believes good health is the right of all people. We recognise the critical importance of having access to expert medical advice and assistance. To facilitate the health and well-being of Ahinsa tea estate workers, Somage subsidies access to medical practitioners and supplies.
  3. Out-grower Support/Green Leaf Premiums Somage recognises the importance of paying a fair price to farmers for their efforts. We also believe that ethical trade and producing the highest quality products are complementary pursuits. By paying premiums for leaf quality, Somage is able to give more directly to farmers, whilst increasing trade and fetching higher sale prices at market. Somage also created a green leaf tea quality competition, offering monetary prizes to growers who produce the highest quality leaf.

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