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Kali Drinking ChocolateUpdated 2 years ago

We have three different Kali products to choose from. Kali 33% Drinking Chocolate. Kali 60% drinking chocolate and Kali Chocolate Couverture Sprinkles.

Kali Original 33%

Kali original 33% is a premium blend of the finest African cocoas. Australia's original speciality drinking chocolate. Kali is perfectly balanced to taste . With notes of citrus fruit, dark chocolate and a well-rounded semi-sweet finish. Our iconic Kali sets the standards for a luxurious drinking chocolate experience. Product can be used with hot milk or water to produce a drinking chocolate beverage and can also be used for sprinkling on cappuccinos and desserts.

Kali Dark 60% 

Kali dark 60% is a deluxe and inspired blend of Venezuelan criollo, African origin cocoas, coconut blossom nectar and panela sugar. Kali daej is decadently rich and perfectly balanced with a slight bittersweet finish and notes of caramel, stonefruit ad exotic cacao. Our iconic Kali sets the standard for a luxurious drinking chocolate experience. 

Kali Grand Cru Grated Couverture 65%

Made from single origin cocoa, our Kali Grand Cru Couverture sprinkles are artfully crafted in Switzerland. Intensely rich, they are best enjoyed sprinkled over Kali Premium drinking chocolate for a truly decadent and indulgent experience. 

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