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Does your 9 Spice Chai contain artificial colours & flavours?

All of our fresh chai products are 100% natural, free from any artificial flavours, colourants, additives or refined sugar.

How would you recommend storing your 9 Spice Chai?

Our 9 Spice Chai is a fresh product that is is handmade with love at our factory here in Melbourne. We have carefully sourced the finest organic ingredients and the flavour from each spice is extracted with precision in order to create our signature

What are the main differences between your 9 Spice Chai blends?

Our Fresh Sticky Chai comes in 3 varieties:. 9 Spice Chai with Honey - original blend, made with English Breakfast Tea. 9 Spice Chai with Agave - this blend replaces the honey with agave, to offer a vegan option. 9 Spice Chai with Turmeric - contains

How much sugar is in each serve of your 9 Spice Chai range?

A serve is 20g of Fresh Chai.