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How to make 9 Spice Fresh Sticky ChaiUpdated 2 years ago

Make just one fresh chai at home, and you may begin to feel like you should have been doing this more often. The aromatics fill your kitchen and the before you know it, you are bathing in chai goodness. A really simple drink to make, all you need is a saucepan, a strainer and a big beautiful mug.


The vital first step is to use just the right ratio of milk to chai. Too much and it may become overpowering and too little and you won’t have the depth of flavour that is possible. Use scales to measure these correctly. If you don’t have scales, we normally say 1 heaped tablespoon is around 20 grams of chai, perfect for a 200mL glass or mug.


Add your milk and chai mix to a saucepan on medium heat. Allow your chai the time in needs to infuse without making the milk too hot. You are aiming for around 60-65°C.


Once the milk is at the right temperature you will need to pour the mix through a strainer directly into your mug or cup. Use a fine strainer to give you a really smooth finished product.

Shake it up

For those that want to add some froth, we suggest adding your mix to a mason jar, then giving it a good shake. You should see a nice layer of foam start to appear after about 30 seconds.


Our Spice Dust is a blend of Panela sugar and spices, and the perfect way to add a little bit of extra special your chai.

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