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How to make great Tea

Making a cup of tea is a great way to unwind, relax and find a brief moment in the day to focus on yourself.  Most of us know how we like our cuppa, but there are some tips that can easily heighten the infusion you end up with. These are the importan

How to make the perfect Cold Brew Infusion

Cold Infusion Method:Equipment:Cold Brew Pot or Glass BottleTimer / WatchSpoonIngredients:Tea or TisaneFiltered WaterMeasurements / Ratios:Black Tea: 10g per 1 litre of water. Green: 12g / p/1LTisane: 15g p/1L Method:Fill cold brew pot with 1 litre o

How to make 9 Spice Fresh Sticky Chai

Make just one fresh chai at home, and you may begin to feel like you should have been doing this more often. The aromatics fill your kitchen and the before you know it, you are bathing in chai goodness. A really simple drink to make, all you need is

How to make Kali Drinking Chocolate

Equipment:Small Saucepan or Turkish PotStove TopSpoon / WhiskScales or ScoopMesh StrainerIngredients:Drinking Chocolate PowderGarnishMilk / MylkMeasurements / Ratios:The optimum ratio is 10 grams of chocolate powder per 100 ml of milk / mylk. Method:

Recipes for cold drinks -non alcoholic & alcohol

MATCHASparking MatchaPlace 2g matcha in preheated bowl, add 75ml / 2.5oz water, use whisk to smooth out matcha, add a further 75ml / 2.5oz of water then whisk vigorously in a W shaped motion to form a smooth creamy tea foamFill a 1L Jug with icePour