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How to make Kali Drinking ChocolateUpdated 2 years ago


Small Saucepan or Turkish Pot

Stove Top

Spoon / Whisk

Scales or Scoop

Mesh Strainer


Drinking Chocolate Powder



Measurements / Ratios:

The optimum ratio is 10 grams of chocolate powder per 100 ml of milk.


Determine the volume of milk or soy in the selected jug and adjust the weight of the chocolate powder

Ensure the milk or soy milk being used is chilled and fresh 

Pour milk first into a saucepan then add the appropriate amount of chocolate powder

Whisk chocolate powder into cold milk

Heat the milk along with the chocolate powder on the stovetop gently stirring occasionally to 65 Degrees. If you don't have a thermometer the small bubbles will typically indicate a temperature between 65-70 degrees. Note: Do not boil. 

Pour through a strainer into a cup / glass

Garnish with Couverture garnish (optional). 

Additional Ideas:

Want to turn your drinking chocolate into a latte?

Here are 3 methods:

Whisk in a stainless steel bowl like a meringue

Shake in a mason jar or cocktail shaker

Use a French press

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