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How to make Kali Drinking ChocolateUpdated 2 years ago


Stainless Steel Milk Jug 600ml

Coffee Machine

Spoon / Whisk


Mesh Strainer


Drinking Chocolate Powder


Milk / Mylk

Measurements / Ratios:

The optimum ratio is 10 grams of fresh chai mix per 100 ml of milk or mylk. 


Determine the volume of milk or soy in the selected jug and adjust the weight of the drinking chocolate E.g Typical size is 20grams to make a 200ml cup/latte glass.

Ensure the milk or soy milk being used is chilled and fresh 

Pour milk first into a jug then add the appropriate amount of drinking powder

Whisk chocolate powder into cold milk

Purge steam wand

Heat the milk along with the chocolate powder using the steam wand of the coffee machine to approximately 65 Degrees. The milk when being steamed should create a whirlpool in the center of the jug. Take care not to introduce too much air, introduce air by lowering the milk jug, doing so only at the start of the process once a whirlpool has been established (this creates micro-foam). Continue to heat the milk using the steam wand without introducing air to bring the milk to a smooth consistency. Turn off the steam wand as the milk begins to become uncomfortable to hold in the hand (the milk should not make a screeching sound or dull bubbling sound – these indicate the milk may have been overheated). 

Pour through a strainer into a cup / glass

Garnish with Couverture garnish for an extra complex mouth feel (optional). 

Additional Ideas:

Want to make your hot chocolate iced?

Pour your freshly made hot chocolate over a big ice cube into a tumbler glass and garnish with couverture sprinkles. For extra decadence add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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