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How to make the perfect Cold Brew InfusionUpdated 2 years ago

Cold Infusion Method:


Cold Brew Pot or Glass Bottle

Timer / Watch



Tea or Tisane

Filtered Water

Measurements / Ratios:

Black Tea: 10g per 1 litre of water. 

Green: 12g / p/1L

Tisane: 15g p/1L 


Fill cold brew pot with 1 litre of water

Add 10gm of tea (black tea example) in 1L in the cold water 

Gentle stir leaves for 15 seconds

Close lid and leave on bench for 30 minutes (away from direct sunlight and varied temperature)

After 30 minutes, gently stir leaves again and put in fridge for 10 hours (lay bottle on side like a wine bottle in a cellar so leaves are submerged evenly in liquid)

Pour on large ice cube in highball glass.

Optional: Garnish with lemon or fresh fruits.

Additional Methods:

Brewing by Ice Method:

Place 8g of tea leaves into glass teapot

Fill up glass teapot with pieces of ice

Wait for the ice to melt at room temperature

The ice tea is ready when the pieces of ice are melted.

Pour the tea from the teapot into a wine glass and enjoy.

Hot Tea over Ice Method:

Weigh your tea. Use Double the amount of tea that you would use for your typical infusion, as the hot water will melt the ice.

Brew the tea as per the recipe on your packet

Add sugar to to taste, you can also use a sugar syrup

Strain the infused tea into the shaker, then add your ice  

Pour the iced tea into your glass, Add some additional ice, then garnish with lemon and mint and serve.

Drop Brewer Method:

Add 22-25 gms of tea to filter basket

Brew tea in filter with 52oz hot water over1kg/2.2 lb of ice.

Add additional 1L/35fl.oz ice as required

Optional: Garnish with lemon.

Please note, you can accomplish the same as above on a single serve scale by brewing a single serve in a teabag or teapot and pouring the hot brewed tea over a class full of ice.

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